Open to All Schools and Styles

Sunday, November 10th, 2019
Markham District High School

New For 2019

  1. This year we are expanding the number of rings to 5
  2. Grand Champion Cash Prizes
  3. Improved Ring Coordinators
  4. CASH prizes for 4 Grand Champions and 1 Para Athlete
  5. Earlier Start Time

Just like last year

  1. Improved elimination system:
    • Every athlete will get at least 2 chances to podium for kata and kumite
  2. WKF Rules:
    • All kumite divisions will use the WKF point system of Yuko, Wazari, and Ippon
  3. Any Equipment Colour is Permitted
    • All athletes must have safety equipment as list below. Any color is permitted.
      • Gloves (Point style and Non-mma only)
      • Shin instep (cloth or WKF boot style only)
      • Mouth guards
      • Groin Protectors (Male)
      • Chest protectors
      • Helmets

Like all years prior, there will be 4 levels of experience for competition. These are:

  • BEGINNER – Up to one year karate experience – White Belt is worn
  • NOVICE – Between one and two years of karate experience – Green Belt is worn
  • INTERMEDIATE – Between two and four years of experience – Brown Belt is worn
  • ADVANCE – Over 4 years of experience – Black Belt is worn

MCO is an independent event which allows rules to be modified for the encouragement and promotion of sport karate and kobudo games. Our goal to to have an exciting, challenging, and fair event is accomplished by perfectly blending the rules of WKF and AAU regulations which allow an environment that promotes spectacular scoring difficulty but still universally safe for athletes of all skills and ages.

Our goals are:

  1. Have a safe tournament for all athletes and enjoyable event to watch
  2. Make sure the better athlete wins
  3. Have an efficiently run tournament.

Key features of Markham City Open are:

  1. Zero Tolerance for excessive head contact for children
  2. Online coach’s and referee’s education
  3. American and Canadian competitors

There are 4 types of competition games. Each will have its own set of rules of play. These games are:

  1. Kata
  2. Team Kata
  3. Kobudo Kata
  4. Individual Kumite

Each game is further divided into experience levels (belts) and and age categories.

Stay tuned and we look forward  to seeing you on Sunday, November 10th, 2019.

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This event is OKF Recreational Tournament